Saturday, April 14, 2012

Then comes marriage...

We were engaged for six months. Six. LONG. months. Everyone was so supportive and happy for us. occasionally though, we would have the "you're too young to be married, go live your life first!" people. Oh how I wished I could have said what I really thought to them but most of the time they were my customers at work so I had to keep my lips sealed.

I won't lie to you. I was scared out of my mind. As the days got closer I slowly but surely started freaking out. 25 days.. little worried. 15 days.. anxious. 7 days.. WHAT WAS I DOING? The day before the wedding.. I think i'm going to run away. 30 minutes before the 'I do'.. mini panic attack. But I went through with it, because once I saw Daniel at the end of the isle I knew it was right. I may have been tripping over my dress and I may have been already tearing up, but I knew in that moment there was no where else I would want to be than right next to him. That very same haughty, arrogant, so overly confident man I used to be annoyed with was going to be mine forever and I had no regrets. 

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